www.AdeccoUSA.com/WorkNow – Adecco Staffing USA hiring 14,500 Ebay workers

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Adecco is currently in the process of hiring for over 14,500+ positions across the country to work in eBay Enterprise in two key areas: customer service and fulfilment. The positions available include a wide range of options including full-time, part-time, the ability to work from home and various shift schedules. Additionally, these are all seasonal opportunities with a possibility of the jobs becoming regular full time positions.

In the customer service role, responsibilities include interacting with customers around transactions, and order details. Responsibilities for the fulfillment positions include being able to work in a warehouse environment and meet the physical demands of the job like repeated lifting and standing. While experience is always valued, it is not a requirement for these positions.

To apply for these positions visit:  www.adeccousa.com/worknow.

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