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Workforce Solutions is an online job search resource available for job seekers who need assistance finding their next job.  The site is an extension of Workforce Solutions locations that are located throughout Texas for job seekers to obtain onsite help when looking for work.  Each location assists candidates with the availability of free resources such as computer usage, faxing, and telephone calls for job searches.

The Workforce Solutions website provides users with lots of useful information to get them started off on the right path in their job search.  It is a good idea to visit the site at least on a weekly basis to check out This Week’s Featured Jobs in the Jobs & Careers section of the site.  Regardless if you are a blue or white collar worker there are current job listings in that section with links that you can apply for.  Each job listing includes a brief job description, job requirements, and starting salary information.

If you are unsure about your resume and would like to revamp it take advantage of all the PDF guides that will assist you with creating a brand new resume.  Most people will pay a professional to upgrade their resume but no one said you couldn’t redo it yourself.  Utilize the free resume writing resources on the site to refresh your resume which will hopefully contribute to your job search.

Another valuable resource on the site is the Job Fair and Hiring Event Calendar.  The calendar lists all of the upcoming hiring events scheduled for various Workforce Solutions locations.  You should review the calendar often to see what companies have announced they will be hiring workers at any of the facilities.

The Workforce Solutions is a great starting point for job seekers as the site offers some direction for candidates to begin their job search.  Pay attention to all of the links to other career sites or job search sites that will provide you more job vacancy information.

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