Dominos Pizza Regional Hiring Day on March 26

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If you are interested in working for a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in the Western Washington area please mark your calendar for March 26, 2014 which is considered Domino’s Pizza Regional Hiring Day.  In the Western Washington area there are over 79 individual Domino’s restaurants with over 500 open positions that will each be participating in the hiring process.

Candidates can visit one of the area restaurants and submit their resumes and apply directly at the store.  Some of the positions that are available are delivery drivers, assistant managers, and general managers.  Prior to the March 26th hiring date candidates can also apply online at

At the apply online website candidates will see a list of positions to apply for and can simply select the appropriate job title and start the application process.  You will need at least 20 minutes to complete the online application so please make sure you have the spare time to finish it all the way to the end.  To speed up the process it’s a good idea to have your resume handy so you can literally copy and paste your work history into the right fields.  This will make the application process speed up.

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