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A great starting point for job seekers looking for work throughout the state of Georgia is the Georgia Department of Labor website.  The site aids employers in finding qualified candidates while connecting qualified workers with jobs that match their skills.  It is also very helpful to job seekers as they can learn about training programs, apply for unemployment, find out about upcoming job fairs, etc.  Anyone living within or outside the state of Georgia should utilize the GDOL site to search for the latest career opportunities.

To begin a quick job search visitors to the site can select the Job Seekers category from the top left of the screen.  The next link to select is the Find A Job link which will direct you to a page where you can search for job openings from various sources listed by the GDOL.  There are links to job openings in Georgia and the Southeast, general job listings, featured employers, job vacancies with the GDOL, and options to help prepare you for your job search.

Depending on what part of Georgia you want to begin looking for work the site allows you to search for jobs by county or metro area.  Everything is easy to use as each county is listed for you to make a selection.  After selecting the county you can then narrow down the type of job field you want to begin your search in and the site will display all the current job openings within field for you to review.

Each job listing features the job location, experience required, education required, salary, job type, job order number, a brief job description, and additional instructions on how to successfully apply for this position.  Many positions posted on the site require job seekers to visit a GDOL Career Center to be referred to a job opening.

The GDOL website is an all-in-one comprehensive website that has lists of current job openings throughout the state but also offers candidates additional resources which they will find helpful.  The Job Seeker Guide has useful information for anyone who is transitioning careers, need tips on interviewing, need help creating a resume, learning how to deal with job loss, etc.

Visit:  Georgia Department of Labor

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