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Have you ever thought about applying for a job at ESPN?  ESPN has locations around the country in various states including Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, and California.  If you are interested in jobs available at any of these facilities you can search ESPN’s online careers page as they post all of their positions there for job seekers to browse.

The site is similar to most other career sites and is very user friendly.  Depending on your skill sets you can start your job search by browsing the Jobs by Category section.  That section lists all of the positions by type of jobs.  Some of the job types are related to production, digital media, technology, sales, publishing, etc.  You can make your selection and receive a list of job titles along with the date they were posted on the site.

Each job that is posted on ESPN Careers includes a detailed job description for candidates to review.  Candidates will need to be able to qualify for each position by meeting the requirements that are posted on the job description.  Each position can be directly applied for from the site.  You will need to create a user profile which is very helpful so you can input your work experience and resume information one-time which helps to streamline the application process especially when you want to apply for more than one job.

Another great way to stay on top of recently released job postings at ESPN is to sign up for their email alerts.  You will receive job postings via your email as they are listed on the site.  Most people never think of the various types of jobs that ESPN has available beyond the anchor desk but you can review their careers site and learn what other jobs they have that you may qualify for.  To begin quick searches for employment at ESPN please click the link below.

Visit:  ESPN Careers

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    Programming jobs with ESPN are available


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