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If you are interested in searching for a job at Fox the best place to view their current job openings for all of their divisions is the Fox Careers website.  At the site you can utilize their Job Search feature to begin scouring their online database of open positions.  Depending on what job field you want to pursue you can type in your personal interests and perform a search for job availabilities or just browse through their current listing of jobs that is immediately displayed.

One of the best uses of the Fox Careers site is to take advantage of all of the information that is shared on the site.  Notice all of the avenues available for candidates to connect with Fox and possibly gather more relevant job information including who to contact about certain positions.  There are links to Fox’s Facebook page, Linkedin page, Twitter account, and their own blog site.  These social media sites are definitely recommended outlets for job seekers interested in working for Fox.  Serious job candidates will connect with Fox through these social media outlets.

You want to routinely visit their social media sites or connect with them so that you will be among the first to know about job updates or special projects as they release them.  Their social media sites also give you some access to certain employee’s of the company who you may be able to ask questions or connect with.  Another way to stay abreast of updates to their career site is to use the “Get RSS Feed” link.  If you are not familiar with RSS feeds they allow you to gather all of a website’s newly published content through a RSS feed reader without you having to manually visit the site every time.  Through a feed reader candidates will always be informed when there is new information published at Fox Careers website.  As a serious inquirer you will want to be a follower of Fox at every internet outlet they share information on.

Fox is a growing network of business properties that has job opportunities for a variety of careers.  Candidates can look to Fox for work in film, television, sports, digital, etc.  Take the time to review all of the business units under the Fox umbrella in the Divisions category.

Visit:  Fox Careers

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